Our Holistic Approach

  • All Programs are developed and Implemented by Registered Dietitians
  • Programs are based on your individual Medgem Metabolism Test, "metabolic fingerprint'and your body composition analysis

    We teach you the correct amount of calories you should be consuming to help you reach your weight management goals
  • We teach you how to improve your health with the healing power of foods
  • We don't promote or endorse quick weight loss shakes, cleanses or pills
  • We are so much more than just weight-loss. We can teach you how to successfully treat your aliments with balanced nutrition. The following are common conditions we treat: High Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Yeast Growth, High Blood Pressure, Food Allergies, Eating Disorders, Gout, Pre and Post Natal nutrition, Celiac Disease, Childhood and Adolescent nutrition and Obesity to name a few.

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